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A Startup Act
South Africa

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Co-Creating a National Startup Act

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Steering Committee

We are a collective that represents the South African entrepreneurship ecosystem, which includes investors, incubators, accelerators, and founders, uniting to support growth within the country by encouraging the development of policies that will benefit high-growth startup entrepreneurs. 

What is a startup Act?

A Startup Act is essentially a component of policy or legislation that aims to make it easier for startups to establish, grow and scale.

Our vision

To largely to see an ecosystem environment in South Africa where innovative high growth startups are not highly constrained because of policy

Our mission

Unlock the full potential of entrepreneurial skills of the people in South Africa  through policy alterations or additions


The journey thus far...

2019: The concept of having a Startup Act in South Africa was birthed at the AfricArena Unconference event.


2020: The months following the conference saw the formation of the Startup Act Steering Committee, aimed to guide the process toward a Startup Act and SiMODiSA was selected by the ecosystem to be the secretariat of this endeavour.

2021: The World Bank supports the SA Startup Act Movement

2021: A Draft Position Paper unpacked by Stephan Lamprecht and the Steering Committee members to the ecosystem.

2021: The UK-SA Tech Hub supports the SA Startup Act Movement

2021: The Steering Committee members were invited to and they met with the President of the Republic of SouthAfrica, President Cyril Ramaphosa to discuss the progression of the movement toward a Startup Act, to understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem along with its challenges and constraints.

2022: President Ramaphosa announcements at SONA on Startup Visa and Red Tape Reduction.

2022: Launch of SA Startup Act Policy Library.

2022: FSD Africa supports the SA Startup Act Movement.

2022: New Startup Act Steering Committee Appointed for 2022/23.

2022: Steering Committee meets with the Department of Science and Innovation Minister - Blade Nzimande.

2023: Launch of Case Studies on the Regulatory impact on the growth of South African Startups.

2023: Steering Committee meets with Deputy Minister of Finance - David Masondo.

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Join the Movement

By joining the Startup Act movement, you will be helping us drive awareness for the development of policy that encourages the growth and development of innovative and high-growth enterprises in South Africa. As a cornerstone of our country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, the Startup Act will play a key role in supporting South Africa’s high-growth entrepreneurs and people and will in turn encourage job creation and socio-economic development.

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